Weapon retexture project

About this mod. This is a pack release containing all my New Vegas weapon retextures. This will be periodically updated but not necessarily immediately after. In this section you can find all available community made replacement packs for Arma 3. You can use the filters to set the prefered order of the files including. Description: The SMA project is a non profit weapons modification for ARMA3. Our goal is to create high quality authentic weapons and accessories from different. Project Nevada is a mod aiming to make Fallout: New Vegas a more interesting - eventually more challenging - but surely more fun experience What is the purpose behind this guide . With SKSE64 and the development towards STEP 3.0 still a long way off, many users are itching to have something Notice: This guide is a constant work in progress. The Fallout 3 guide makes extensive use of material from EssArrBee's Fear and Loathing in New Vegas guide. The official site for Bethesda, publisher of Fallout, DOOM, Dishonored, Skyrim, Wolfenstein, The Elder Scrolls, more. Your source for news, features community. ※ 2017/3/2) 이 글을 쓴지도 오래 되었네요. 제가 폴아웃 뉴베가스를 안 한지가 오래 되어 질문을 주셔도 답변을 드릴 수가. 装備品関連mod † 新規装備を追加したり、既存装備品の見た目や性能・機能を変化させたりするもの。 武器単体修正では. ADS Fire Mode. This mod will automatically switch your weapon to a predefined fire mode when aiming down sight. ADS fire mode is on single by default About FO4 conversion of Aradia's Living Armor with Jexsam's retexture. Glow map added for effect. NOTE: This has only been tested on my system.